Weekly Round Up

weekly round up oct 7

Hey hey hey!

First off, a HUGE congratulations to Anastasia, the winner of the Happy, Whole, and Healing + Malas with a Mission mala giveaway! Woohoo! We hope you love the mala. Thank you again to everyone who entered to win!

It’s been such an incredible week! We played three shows last week and three shows this week, in Atlanta, Asheville, and Boone, NC, and had so much fun!!

weekly round up oct 7

I’m planning to try a deep tissue massage this week, after we get back from visiting family in our hometown for my mom’s birthday and before we dive into the studio to work on some new music! (Honestly how can it be any better? I get to do what I love most with the people I love most: writing with my sister, recording in Nick’s studio, playing shows with some of my best friends in the world. I’m a lucky, lucky girl.)

I am curious though: I’ve heard that deep tissue massages can leave you feeling pretty bad for a few days. Have you had any experience with them? Let me know what to expect!

Sending you lots of love this week!



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