Travel Essentials: The 4 Things I Never Leave Home Without

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Wanna know a secret? I’ve been home for exactly two days from vacation and haven’t unpacked yet. Partly because I don’t want to be faced with the pile of laundry, and partly because I’m ready to hit the road again! Wanderlust is tough, y’all.

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But instead of booking another vacation (my bank account is definitely thanking me!), I thought I’d channel some of that desire to pack up everything and put it into a blog post!

I mentioned in my Top 5 Wardrobe Staples that having a few key pieces in my closet makes packing so much easier, which is definitely true! The same goes for toiletries and accessories, like the mini car diffuser that keeps me zen and focused no matter how long the road trip is, my refillable Brita filter bottle, and this Dead Sea mud mask to keep my skin clear and bright.

But there are a few other things that I always pack to make sure I’m feeling my best, no matter where I am! Keep reading to find out where I never leave the house without, and let me know what your necessities are!

1. Tech: my laptop + Swiss Army Swissgear Laptop Bag and Mophie.

Since 99% of my work is done online, my laptop is a must-have! There’s no better way to face the work day than by setting up on the patio overlooking the mountains, or under an umbrella on the beach. This Swiss Army laptop bag is lightweight but durable, and big enough to fit my laptop, planner, and a few notebooks (because the only way I can keep track of things is by writing it down!).

This Mophie charging case has been one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made; it gives 120% extra battery and protects my phone at the same time. In fact, I lost my charger once, and went three days using only the Mophie. How’s that for efficiency?

2. Toiletries: Essential Oils, Toner, Epsom Salt Lotion, and Makeup Wipes.

It doesn’t matter where I go; I never walk out the door without essential oils, especially DoTERRA’s roll on blends. PastTense is my all time favorite, hands down, because it relieves anxiety, mental and physical tension, and headaches, and helps me wind down to sleep.

For toner, I use Alaffia’s Purely Coconut Face Toner with Neem, Papaya, and Lavender Oil; it soothes any irritation or redness, cleans and cools my skin, and feels so good after a day in the sun!

Epsom salt lotion is next, and let me tell you: I don’t know how I lived without it. Magnesium does wonders for the body by relieving anxiety, muscle aches, tension…the list goes on and on. It’s also best absorbed through the skin, which makes soaking in an epsom salt bath a perfect way to get in some self-care. But bathtubs aren’t always available when traveling, so this lotion makes it so easy to make sure I’m getting plenty of magnesium! Plus it smells like shea butter, which is never a bad thing.

Finally - maybe the most important toiletry I pack - are these Yes To Cucumbers hypoallergenic facial wipes! They smell so amazingly fresh, and clean all the makeup, sunscreen, and dirt that’s collected on my skin from a day exploring a new place. They also make cleaning up any spills or stickiness a breeze, and are perfect for a quick refresh before dinner.

3. Fitness: Yoga Mat and Sneakers.

One thing I never sacrifice while traveling is my yoga practice. Even if it’s a fifteen minute flow on the porch before breakfast, I roll out the mat and get moving. I don’t have a specific mat that I use, but this one is eco-friendly and made with natural jute, and comes with a cute strap to make carrying it a breeze. Just remember to spray it down with a nontoxic yoga mat cleaner!

Nick loves going to the gym, too, so I always pack a pair of sneakers to get in some cardio while he’s working out! We also make it a habit to take a long walk every day; the dogs love it, and we get to explore on foot while getting our steps in.

4. Dog Essentials: Harness and Collapsable Bowls

musician, musician life, rock and roll, music blogger, blogger, holistic blogger, health blogger, fashion blogger, lifestyle blogger, rock and roll life style, tour life, new york city, travel blogger

Our dogs love getting to explore, and we love traveling with them, but our goal is to keep them as safe as possible. These Kurgo harnesses are durable, heavy-duty, and easy to put on and off. Plus they come with a seatbelt and are crash tested. I love this travel set for dogs as well; it comes with a water bottle and two collapsable travel bowls.

What are your travel essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

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