Why I (Finally) Signed Up for Yoga Teacher Training

When I started this blog six months ago (!!!), I wrote a little post talking about my home yoga practice, how I found yoga, and what it’s meant to me in the almost seven years I’ve been practicing. Yoga has been a hobby, a practice, and a passion for me. It’s been a return to my body, to my center, to my true self, the one that is so easily pushed aside and crammed in a dark little corner in the midst of the busyness and chaos of our modern life. It’s been a dedication and a promise to myself; every morning, no matter how I feel, I roll out my mat, I take the deepest breath I’ve taken all day, and I move, even if it’s from a seated position to child’s pose and nothing more.

But two weeks ago, after my 24th birthday and the period of restlessness and unsureness and an unyielding desire to go - go where and after what, I didn’t know - that followed, I stepped on the mat for one of the last days of Yoga with Adriene’s Dedicate, her 30 day program to help kick off 2019. Every day, I’d felt a soft return to the breath, a gentle reassurance as I moved through the flow, and an inner strength and peace. Then she said the words that sunk below all of that doubt and fear: “You are exactly where you need to be.”

And it clicked. I’d dreamed of taking a teacher training since I was 18, but it was always “one day.” The timing had never been right, I hadn’t practiced long enough…the list of reasons I shouldn’t went on and on. But the truth us, I was exactly where I needed to be - in the midst of that restlessness and doubt - and the timing would never be perfect, but it was time. I knew it in my heart. So I signed up for yoga teacher training, and in the orientation video chat, Brett asked us to put our hands over our hearts and whisper to ourselves, “I am a healer.” I got chills and felt tears come to my eyes, along with that inner peace that I always found on the mat.

Since then, I’ve doubted the decision about a million times, but doubt is part of life. What matters most is that you keep moving with grace, keep the breath easy, and take one step forward. Then another. Then one more.

Training starts in May, so stay tuned for more :)

Lots of love and - as always - namaste,


Luci TurnerComment