On the Road Again

on the road again traveling with chronic illness

Super excited to write about two things:

1. I went to a new doctor (who is a miracle worker, I swear) and am feeling so much better. We’re still running some tests, but Lyme Disease, Hashimoto’s, and Addision’s Disease have been crossed off the list (thank God!).

2. My sister and I are about to hit the road again with our band, BEAU + LUCI.

I love traveling, I love playing music, and I (especially) love feeling better. I’m at the crucial point where I have to tell myself NO a lot (“No, you can’t start jogging just because you’ve felt better for a week.” “No, you can’t start staying up later just because you’re not so tired.” “No, no, no you can’t have AIP ginger cookies and coconut milk ice cream for dinner…again.”), but I’m looking at it as a positive; I’m feeling well enough to want to jog, or kickbox, or stay up late and go out to a show, something I haven’t felt like doing in months!

And even better than that, I feel well enough to pack my life into the back of a car, travel for hours on end, and go sing songs that I’ve written to people I’ve never met before.

on the road again traveling with chronic illness

To be real, though, there will be some new challenges this time around. My diet has changed, as you know from my Intro to AIP post. I’ve got to seriously manage stress, get enough sleep, and make time for a daily yoga practice…three things that aren’t easy to do when you’re driving late at night from city to city, playing for an hour or two, and then throwing gear into the car to do it all again somewhere else.

But it’s worth it. It’s definitely worth it. It’s just going to take some planning! Stay tuned for some serious trial and error, and maybe a few breakthroughs!

I wanna know: have you taken an AIP diet, a yoga practice, or a chronic illness on the road? Let me know in the comment section below, and share any hacks you have!