October Intentions

October Intenions

It’s OCTOBER guys!!!!

I didn’t even realize it until about 1 o’clock yesterday, when I was right in the middle of a long ToDo list and a live-chat with a Squarespace support team member, trying to fix something on my band’s website (surprise! I didn’t break it!).

I’m in the mountains for two days, and there are a few hints of fall, but not many! We’ve got a lot of travel coming up, and I’m thankful for a couple days to take it all in before we hit the road. This weekend will be the first time we’ve traveled for shows since I’ve gone completely AIP; keep an eye out for a blog post on traveling, meal planning, and how a $20 purchase made it about a million times easier to eat while touring!

But first, intentions! I saw a quote that said something along the lines of, “A dream is just a dream until you write it down. Then it’s a plan.” One of my intentions for October is to be more intentional. When I get stressed, I tend to shut down and try to ignore the things that are stressing me out, rather than dealing with them, and that obviously doesn’t work! So rather than trying to hide, I’m going to deal with the things I can change, and let go of the things I can’t.

Read on for a few more October Intentions, and let me know yours in the comments below!

1. Read more books.

First up? Gretchen Rubin’s “The Four Tendencies,” and “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.” I just saw the movie a few months ago and loved it, and started reading the book last night.

2. Find the perfect pair of boots.

I had the most amazing pair of motorcycle boots for years, and I wore them until they fell apart. Since then, I’ve been searching for a comfortable pair of boots that work for shows, travel, and day to day life, but haven’t had any luck. Stay tuned for updates.

3. Change my mindset.

I’ll be honest, the last few months have been tough, health-wise. But I went to a new doctor a few weeks ago, and I’m already feeling so much better. There’s still a long way to go, but rather than allowing myself to feel defeated, I’m choosing to move forward with a mindset of gratitude, healing, and joy. Like holistic health coach Carly Mearman said of her struggle with Lyme Disease in an interview with Dream Warriors Foundation Mag: “With a chronic illness, it tends to be a huge part of someone's life because they deal with it on a daily basis. I have made a promise to myself to not let Lyme define me. Once we let an illness define us and give into the idea of,  "I am sick," then that is what our minds believe, and that is what we are creating. I am not my disease. I feel sick, but by not making it my whole story, I lead life mentally as if I am already past it.”

4. Eat more cookies!

My mom came up with the most AMAZING AIP ginger-molasses cookies last week. I’d like to say I indulged in moderation, but that would be a lie; I ate six the minute they came out of the stove. With a bowl of coconut milk ice cream. And I’m not even mad about it.

What are your October intentions? Let me know in the comments below!

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