New York, New York

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In exactly three days, we’ll be loading up the van and heading to New York City, traveling through a literal snowstorm to get to one of my favorite cities on the planet. Apparently I’m making it a point to only visit a city on the northeastern seaboard in December, but hey…it might be cold, but it’s decked out in Christmas lights and almost all the people I love most are either going or will be there waiting to be hugged for about ten minutes straight, so it’s not so bad.

And I am SO EXCITED!!! I love New York. I love that you can walk everywhere. I love that there are smoothie places on every corner and nobody gives you a weird look when you get one in December and it’s 30 something degrees outside. I love the way I feel in the city: everything moves quickly and doesn’t stop to make sure you’re keeping up. I feel awake and alert and alive in a way I don’t feel anywhere else. It’s like living in a Friends episode.

If you can’t tell, I’ve only visited for a few days at a time. But I would live in New York. I’d need a portable personal heater to survive the wintertime, but I’d do it.

We’ve finished up three long days of rehearsals and have a few tricks up our sleeves! Now it’s just a countdown to the day we leave. I’ve still got to pack, cook a huge pot of chili, and make sure everything I bring can fit in a carry-on, because I’ll be flying for the first time since I was like…8, not to mention give Charlie and Roxy enough snuggles to last the week! That’s the worst part about traveling: leaving my babies!

I’ll have a brand new travel diaries up after this trip (and maybe a “5 Days in New York” itinerary!), so keep an eye out! We’ll also have some downtime in the city, so let me know where we need to go, what we have to see, and where we should eat in the comments below!