New Years' Resolutions: Yoga

We’re officially 4 days into the New Year, and I’ll be honest: I haven’t done yoga since Christmas Eve, because you know what I got for Christmas? A cold!

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Thankfully, it’s forced me to slow down and rest up, which I desperately needed after an insanely busy December (which is a whole other post that I’ll be writing!). I’ve spent the last week resting, drinking what seems like buckets of Tulsi Turmeric Ginger tea with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and honey, watching Friends on repeat, and reading. The last two days, I’ve felt well enough to hit the gym with Nick to get in a few easy miles on the treadmill, but even then, I couldn’t shake Tara Stiles’ advice to slow down, soften, and breathe. Find ease. Move with grace and like you love yourself. Some days, that does mean yoga. Other days, that means you don’t leave the bed unless it’s to get another cup of tea.

Normally, though, missing that January 1 yoga flow would throw me into a tailspin and leave me questioning my resolutions. This year, it’s just part of learning to accept what is and move with ease through it. I’ll get back to yoga in the next few days - maybe even today - and I’ll be looking forward to reading Tara’s Guiding Strala book when it gets here tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll be thankful for the downtime, making plans for the blog, and the continuing education courses I’m taking!

Lots of love,


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