My Secret Weapons for Healing Leaky Gut

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In my Self-Care Over the Holidays post, I mentioned my secret weapons for to cure leaky gut. As you guys know, I went through a period of time this last year where my health tanked: I was dealing with a lot of inflammation and flare-ups, fatigue, anxiety, an increase in food sensitivities…basically, my body was a mess, and I was at a loss as to what was going on. After more blood work and doctor’s visits, we finally came to the realization that a prescription meant to help with adrenal fatigue was causing an insane amount of inflammation in my body. I’m still weaning off of it, but I’m already feeling better. Now, I’m focusing on repairing the damage in my gut, caused by this prescription, years of antibiotics, and a diet full of processed foods.

I’ve tried a lot of supplements to help with leaky gut, but I’ll be honest: I have two secret weapons when it comes to healing and dealing with leaky gut. After only a few months of using them and eating a healthy, nutrient rich, whole food diet, my health has improved drastically. I have energy, my chronic pain is almost entirely gone, my stress levels have decreased, my yoga practice is stronger than ever. I feel better than I have in years.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking I’ve got some crazy expensive herbal medicine or new prescription. Nope. In fact, I went back to the most basic products I could find: bone broth and a magnesium supplement, coupled with daily apple cider vinegar shots, a powerful probiotic, and a GI Repair supplement containing L-Glutamine, Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice, and aloe vera. To be honest, I got fed up with the handfuls of vitamins and supplements I was taking four times a day, only to find myself still experiencing flair ups (and let’s be honest, those supplements are not cheap). I knew I had to do something different, or nothing would ever change.

Now, I’m having a mug of bone broth at least once a day (Bonafide is my all time favorite!), as well as cooking all my meat and veggies in it, and taking Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm supplement once a day. The difference has been amazing! Seriously. The effects of going back to basics - to food and movement as medicine - to repair longterm damage, inflammation, and chronic illness is the reason I became interested in holistic wellness and yoga in the first place, and while I’m no doctor (and definitely recommend talking to yours before you change any medicine or supplement routines), I’ve found what works for my body. Here’s hoping you do the same!



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