How to Cope with Change Using Yoga

It’s officially February, and I’m nine days away from celebrating another trip around the sun. As I enter my mid-twenties (still can’t believe I’m typing that!), I can’t help but notice all of the change that’s been in the works for the last year or two.

I’ll be honest: it’s been tough. I know that so many people deal with so much more, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult to deal with. I’ve been riding the rollercoaster: up and down and backwards, sometimes just holding on for dear life and screaming, my eyes closed tight.

Know the feeling? I thought so.

After months of riding the rollercoaster, though, I finally feel a little more grounded, due in great part to a commitment to a daily yoga practice. Seriously, every single day, I’ve hit the mat, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I’ve even been following along with Yoga with Adriene’s latest 30 Day Challenge, Dedicate, to really get in the groove, all the while going through my “Guiding Strala” book. I’ve been alternating mantra - “Soften. Breathe. Move.” and “I am happy. I am lucky. I am brave.” - at the same time, and returning to a regular meditation practice.

And you know what? The likelihood is that, if you’re reading this, you’re not feeling like doing a daily yoga practice or meditating. If you’re like me, you know the benefits, but your nerves - and your soul - are so frayed, you feel too exhausted and strung out to bother. If you’ve never tried yoga and meditation, you’re probably on the other side of the fence, convinced it won’t work.

But let me tell you something: yoga and meditation are the most powerful tool I’ve ever encountered to assist and support the body, mind, and soul through the daily grind AND those seasons of difficulty. It won’t change the circumstances, but it’ll change the way you approach them. Like Tara Stiles said, “A successful tree pose probably won't change your life. Learning how to keep your breath easy, long, and deep no matter what the circumstance? That absolutely will.”

So when going through seasons of change, big or small, there’s no more impactful time to turn - or return - to yoga and meditation. Like your breath, it’s always there, unchanging, ready to support you.

If you’re struggling, through, find a class - online or in person - that resonates with you. For me, Adriene from Yoga with Adriene has been the guide I’ve needed in this time. Her style of leading, and the simple philosophies she imbues her lessons with, have brought ease, comfort, and grace to my heart, thanks to her reminders to tap into that internal smile and trust that we have everything we need within us. (Also, she’s got the cutest dog, and I want to be best friends with her.) Believe me, there are still days when all I want to do is pack up the dogs and my yoga mat and escape to the beach (#always), but for now, I’m learning every day to be present, to look for the good in the midst of the gray areas, and go with the flow.

Wishing you peace and strength in this season.

Lots of love,