Home for the Holidays

Well, we made it! Three of the busiest weeks of my life (following about five of the busiest months), and we’re finally, finally able to slow down, rest up, and enjoy the holidays. 

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We just landed in Atlanta after six days in New York. My band and I played a showcase, Nick flew up, and then I celebrated a magazine release with my team at Left Bank. I walked 18 miles in three days and haven’t done yoga in a week, and I’m definitely feeling it.

But it’s been so much fun. Even more than that, it’s been empowering. New York is a city that encapsulates everything that makes me anxious: fast paces, a go-go-go mindset, crowds, loud noises. But there I was, in the middle of it all and navigating it. Loving it, actually! 

The food options are honestly my favorite part, followed by the vintage shopping and the extreme walkability of New York and Brooklyn. I’ll share a few of my favorite spots soon, but I’m gonna snuggle my pup and eat some chicken, pickles, and paleo-friendly biscuits first. 

Lots of love,