Favorite Road Trip Jams

Hey hey hey!

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Just wanted to drop in for a second. I’m in the middle of writing a new record, prepping for some touring later this year, meeting deadlines, and playing with some pups, but remember the favorite road trip jams listicle I promised in last week’s Midweek Catch Up? Well, I always deliver! (Also, taking a second to give a huge shoutout to my sweet guy for everything he’s done to hold down the fort when things get busy!

The music I listen to changes based on what I’m doing; when I’m working, I’m either listening to brand new music I’ve never heard to write up a review or digging deep into a classic record. When I’m exercising or working around the house, it’s almost always rock: the Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Jack White. And when I’m relaxing or taking a bath, I go for the softer stuff, like First Aid Kit, Emmylou Harris, or Joni Mitchell.

But road trips are a different story! Except for the one trip where I played 500 Miles about 500 times (my sister is still trying to block it out of her memory), I like to mix it up, but these songs were on repeat last weekend on our tour to North Carolina!

1. The Arctic Monkeys - Star Treatment

2. The Killers - Romeo and Juliet (yes, I know this is a Dire Straights cover, but I love The Killers’ version!)

3. ABBA - Waterloo (not gonna lie: ABBA ranks high on my list of favorite bands of all time, and no part of me is ashamed!)

4. The National - I Need My Girl

5. The Black Keys - Next Girl

What are your road trip faves? Let me know in the comments below!