CBD for Pets: Why I Give My Dog Blue Ridge Hemp's Pet CBD Tincture for Epilepsy

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A few months ago, my six year old miniature poodle, Charlie, was following me around while I cleaned up the house, chasing his favorite Kong toy and snoozing in the sunshine on the back of the couch. We walked downstairs so I could put on a load of laundry, and in the split second that I turned my back to turn the washing machine on, he'd fallen off of the pile of blankets he'd been laying on and was convulsing on the floor. 

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Every pet parent that's seen their baby have a seizure knows all too well how awful it is to watch. Charlie remained conscious the entire time, and I won't ever forget the look on his face while he tried to cross the eighteen inches between us, but couldn't stand upright to do it. 

Over the next few days, he suffered more seizures, each more intense and requiring longer time to recover before his back legs worked and he was able to stand and walk. We brought him to the vet to be told what we already guessed: it was a diagnosis of exclusion, and - with his breed and age - he was in the wheelhouse for developing epilepsy. He was put on a low dose of phenobarbital to stop any more seizures, and we were told to keep him away from stairs and ledges, and to avoid leaving him as much as possible. 

The phenobarbital stopped the seizures, but the effects it had on him were almost as bad as the seizures: he's a rescue with social and separation anxiety, but it increased exponentially. He lost motor control and most usage of his back legs, and slept almost all day long, day after day. He wasn't the gentle, sweet little shadow I'd always known, and while the phenobarbital was a necessary evil at the time, I started researching other options. 

That's when I found Blue Ridge Hemp's Pet CBD Tincture. I'd been following Blue Ridge Hemp on Instagram for a while, and loved the company for a few reasons: they were a local small business, organic and non-gmo certified, and fairly priced. Their products were pure, which was important to me, too. 

I've been a proponent of CBD oil for a while (we'll talk more about that in a later post!), but I'd never given it to my dogs. After doing some reading, I found out that CBD oil benefits dogs in many of the same ways it benefits humans: it's non-psychoactive, relieves pain, fights cancer and tumors, reduces anxiety, chronic inflammation, and autoimmune diseases, protects the nervous system, increases appetite, and - you guessed it - can treat seizures and epilepsy, even in drug-resistant epilepsy. I was a believer before I ever tried it, and after seeing the results, I'm more than willing to call it a miracle in a bottle.

I started Charlie on a low dose four times a day, and gradually increased the amount I was giving him while weaning him off of phenobarbital over the course of a month. He's now been taking Blue Ridge Hemp's Pet CBD Tincture for almost three months, and while he's had two seizures in that time, they've been mild, and he's recovered from them quickly. 

The best part is that he's back to his normal self. He follows me everywhere, chases his ball, and runs circles around me at the dog park. He's eating better than he ever did, and his anxiety has decreased; he travels with me, goes to restaurants, loves exploring parks and hiking the trails around our house, and plays with his big sister, Roxy (our other rescue baby), like he's ten times his size. 

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I'm eternally grateful to Blue Ridge Hemp for making my little baby feel better, and I want to tell the world about how wonderful their products are! But if that wasn't enough to make me love them, they've been kind enough to agree to create a special discount code for my readers. Just use the code LUCI10 for 10% off any purchase (I'm eyeing their Muscle Care Bundle!) and see for yourself how CBD oil can change your life, or the lives of all the people (or fur-babies) you love!

Have you ever used CBD oil? What kind of results have you seen? Let me know in the comments below!