My Top 5 Wardrobe Staples

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I’m writing from Florida right now. We’re all at the beach - me and Nick, my brother and sister and her boyfriend, my parents, and all the pups we can squeeze into one condo - for a week of relaxing, tuning in and turning off, and (of course!) football for my dad’s birthday.

It’s been an incredible chance to spend time with my family, get out of the studio for a few days, and breathe in some ocean air. Plus, it’s been warm enough to actually go to the beach, which is amazing! My mom is totally in her element right now, with everybody in one place for her to cook for and feed, so I’m especially thankful for the chance to take walks on the beach and do yoga every day!

But all of the travel lately - on tour to North Carolina, back to my hometown for my mom’s birthday, and family vacation to Florida - has kept me living mainly out of a suitcase for the last month or so. Packing a suitcase has always been one of my favorite things in the world; I love to travel, and I love to put my wardrobe to work, picking out a few key basics to minimize the amount of luggage I need. It’s this weird challenge I give myself, and it drives my sister crazy, because she is decidedly NOT a light packer. I’m only allowed to tell the entire internet this because it’s 100% true, but I’ll also tell on myself and say that I’m awful about using her toiletries (I always forget the dry shampoo!) and will occasionally borrow her clothes. But hey, that’s what sisters do, right? I like to think of it as a compliment to her, because she has such great style.

One thing that’s always made it easy for me to pack for trips, whether it’s a weekend or a two or three week tour, is that I became almost obsessively interested in having a capsule wardrobe when I was 14 or 15. I loved the idea of curating my closets and being able to mix and match anything and everything, or just grabbing a few things and throwing them into a bag without really thinking about it.

That being said, my capsule wardrobe does not look like the ones on Pinterest. I think the only button-down shirt I own is red and black buffalo check, and I’m more likely to reach for a vintage band t-shirt and a worn out pair of jeans than a crisp v-neck and slacks (and don’t even mention high heels!). Read on for my five go-to pieces.

1. The jeans.

There’s no way to explain how important the perfect pair of skinny jeans is to a wardrobe. I’m insanely picky about mine, too; they’ve got to be thin and stretchy but hold their shape, have the perfect rise, and don’t even think about having any extra fabric in the ankles! My current favorites are these BDG Twig High-Rise skinnies.

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2. The t-shirt.

As picky as I am about my jeans, I’m roughly 10,000x pickier about my t-shirts! I’m crazy about vintage tees, and could spend hours (and way too much money) looking for them. I’m currently on the hunt for a Fleetwood Mac and Elton John tee, and I’m eyeing this David Bowie t-shirt from Junk Food. But for now, my favorite is this rad Robert Plant one I stole - I mean, borrowed - from Nick.

3. The jacket.

I saw a quote on Pinterest once that said, “I thought that my life would suddenly improve if I got a leather jacket, and I was literally 100% totally right,” and I’ve never connected more to any inspirational quote in my entire life. My leather jacket - a hand-me-down from my sister, actually - is the most perfect moto jacket I’ve ever seen: just a bit oversized, worn out and soft, and has pockets big enough for my phone and sunglasses. I’ve never loved anything more, but if I had to choose a second best, this Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket by Madewell would be it.

4. The shoes.

I swear by two pairs of shoes: white Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, and black Steve Madden TROOPA Combat Boots. I have other shoes, but I don’t need other shoes. Ever. These go with every outfit, are comfortable, and I can walk around all day in them without any trouble. Plus, they pack easily. That’s a win-win in my book.

5. The bag.

Confession time: I’m not a purse girl. My sister loves purses, but they’re usually the last thing on my mind when I’m shopping. Luckily, I found a compromise: a backpack. It’s not only cute but functional, and big enough to carry my phone, sunglasses, wallet, a book, and snacks (because I never leave the house without a snack). I couldn’t find my backpack online, but this one by Steve Madden is similar.

What are your favorite wardrobe staples? Let me know in the comments below.