10 Facts About Me

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When I launched the blog, I did an "Introducing Me" post, so if anyone besides my mom read it, they (hopefully) wouldn't feel like they were reading a stranger's words. It was one of the hardest posts for me to write, which is still crazy to me, but I really enjoyed opening up and sharing a bit about myself with you, so I decided to do it again! 

This time, it's 10 Facts About Me, so if we turn out to be twin flames or soul sisters, let me know, and let's get together and take over the world! 

1. I'm super family-oriented. 

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Family has always been the most important thing in my life. I grew up in a very tight-knight family; my sister is only two and a half years younger than I am, and my brother is three years younger than her, so we grew up hanging out together. My sister is my best friend (and my bandmate!), and my mom and I get more and more alike as I get older. 

I actually met my boyfriend after I met his parents and a few of his siblings, and one of the first things that I fell in love with about him - besides his eyes, his smile, and how sweet he is - was how family-oriented he was as well. I always wanted a partner who put as much focus on family as I do, and I'm very blessed to have found one! 

2. I love to cook (and eat!).

I come from a long line of amazing chefs, and I spent most of my childhood in the kitchen, helping (or hindering, more likely) my mom and grandma. About two years ago, when I was diagnosed with a long list of food allergies, I had to learn to cook again entirely, even though I'd always been a relatively "healthy" eater. Now, there's nothing I like more than cooking a meal made of whole, organic, anti-inflammatory foods for my loved ones and sharing a meal together.

I've learned that food is the most powerful medicine available to human - and it heals and cares for the people I love at the most basic level.

3. I'm a serious homebody.

I've always loved to be at home. Not that I don't like going places: museums, zoos, parks, concerts...you name it, I'm ready to go, especially if I can bring my dogs. But whether I'm in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or in Atlanta, where I live half the week, I'm most content at home, surrounded by the people I love. My ideal Friday night includes a home cooked meal, a good movie, and a snuggle with my dogs and Nick before bed. 

4. I love to travel.

A direct contradiction, I know, but it's the truth: I love packing, loading up the van, and setting out for a new adventure. I've been lucky to get to travel quite a bit throughout the southeast, and went to New York and Colorado for the first time last year. I'm going to write a travel bucket list post soon, but to be honest, I would load up my life right now and haul it out to Colorado in the blink of an eye. I've never fallen harder or faster for any place, but I remember stepping out of the car in Dillon, Colorado and seeing the mountains and the reservoir, and taking a moment to breathe it all in. 

I'd never felt healthier, lighter, more energized, or more capable of recovery in my entire life. I've been dreaming of going back since I left, and can't wait to explore more of Colorado!

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5. I love dogs. 

10 Facts About Me

I would have an entire pack if I could (and maybe I will one day!), but for now, I'm happy to love on my two sweet rescue babies: Charlie, a six year old miniature poodle, and Roxy, a two year old Aussie/Border Collie mix. 

I'm a huge supporter of animal rescues, and an animals rights advocate, so I'm taking a chance to stand on my soapbox: adopt don't shop, and don't forget to spay and neuter! 

6. I'm passionate about health and wellness.

After being diagnosed with a myriad of hormonal and nutritional deficiencies, the genetic mutation MTHFR, leaky gut syndrome, and a long list of food intolerances and allergies, my whole perspective shifted, because I thought I was living a healthy life. I didn't eat fried food, drink soda, or snack on processed, packaged foods. But now, after learning all that I've learned, I'm amazed at a) how bad I felt all the time and b) how inflammatory my diet was. 

I've got a long road to recovery, but I feel better now than I ever did, and there are some days that I feel good. My hope is to have more of those days! 

7. I'm a self-taught yogi. 

I started practicing yoga almost seven years ago, when I was 16, after ordering a DVD by Jennifer Aniston's trainer. I fell in love with it soon after, and have been practicing ever since. My practice has changed so much over the last few years; before, I would do the sweatiest, most athletic style yoga I could find. Now, I've learned to slow down, listen to my body, and move with ease, grace, and softness, and have truly begun to experience the healing power of yoga. 

8. I'm a musician, and I met my boyfriend (also a musician) at a show, and I work in music journalism.

10 Facts About Me

My sister, Beau, and I are in a band together, and we've toured the southeast and out to Colorado, released two EPs, and written and recorded our own songs since 2012. We moved to Atlanta two years ago to further our career, and I met my boyfriend, Nick, who is also in a band, at the last show of the first residency we played (I'll tell the whole story later!).

I also write for a few different music publications (you can find my work under "IN THE PRESS"), which is a relatively new venture, but one that I fell in love with! I've worked on almost every side of the industry: as the artist, in marketing/PR and social media management, and now as a member of the press. It's safe to say music is a huge part of my life! 

9. I never thought I would start a blog.

To be clear, I love to write, I love health and wellness, yoga, and travel, and I'm a homebody (meaning I love to work from home), but it never crossed my mind to start a blog until I started working in music journalism. I was doing something I loved (writing), and writing about something that I loved, but I had this feeling that something was missing: I'd experienced and learned enough to help others, and I wasn't. So the idea for my blog - and the mantra Happy, Whole, and Healing - was born. 

10. I want to help, inspire, and encourage others along their own journeys, as they realize that they are healthy and whole while they're healing. 

I've got different talents, like writing, music, cooking, and performing a one-woman version of Mamma Mia, but I've always known that my greatest gift and calling was caring for others. My heart is in health and wellness, and I truly believe that, through dietary and lifestyle changes, you can change your physical, mental, and emotional health. 

There you have it: ten facts about me! But I want to get to know you. Leave three facts and your favorite song, book, or movie in the comment section below!